Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events From The WCF International Network

March 9-12 - Global Home Education Conference 2016, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil www.ghec2016.org/

March 12 - One of Us European Forum And Awards, Paris www.facebook.com/events/

March 23 - Endeavour Forum NGO event during the CSW meeting in New York City babette@endeavourforum.org.au

March 29-31 - Heartbeat International 45th Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia www.heartbeatinternational.org/traini ng/conference

World Congress of Families Barbados Conference – April 8-9

The World Congress of Families’ Third Caribbean Conference will take place at the Accra Beach Hotel in Christ Church, Barbados on April 8-9.

Topics include:
The Importance of Worldview in Engaging the Public Square
Marriage As A Public Good: Why We Should Defend Marriage As Between One Man And One Woman
Why Women Talk And Men Walk
How To Improve Your Marriage Without Discussing It
Parental Rights And The Convention On The Rights Of The Children
Values and Virtues Education
History Of Curriculum Change For Intimacy Education In Schools
Home Education And The Rights Of Families
The Sexual Revolution And Demographic Winter
Population Issues And Coerced Abortion
Demographic Trends In The Caribbean
Fatherhood: The Importance of The Father In Building A Nation
Motherhood: Building the Nation From the Cradle -- Attachment & Sexual Behaviour
Pornography: The Silent Family Killer
The Caribbean’s Experience With Modern Slavery: Trafficking In Persons In The Former British Colonies
Domestic Violence: Undermining The Foundation Of Families
The Law and Policy for Child Protection in the Caribbean
The Family and Sustainable Development Goals and How To Engage The Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation Issue In Truth And Compassion.

There will also be a series of workshops on Life Issues, Human Rights, Sex Education and Activist Training on Day 2 of the conference.

For the World Congress of Families Caribbean website http://wcfcaribbean.org/

May 15, 2016, International Day of Families