Janice Crouse

Janice Crouse is ever so miffed because she can't pick up a magazine in a supermarket checkout counter without seeing "homosexual embraces" and they are flaunting it outright, right in front of her very face which is looking at the magazine right there where the magazine counter is!

Many Western nations have kowtowed to the pressures of the LGBTIQ movement that seeks to destroy freedom of speech, religious liberty, marriage and the family. Intellectual dry rot has made western intellectuals susceptible to every foolish fad -- neo-Marxism, feminism, genderism, humanism, environmentalism, etc. -- that has resulted from deconstructionism. Learning from Russia's Return to Its Historical Roots

A few of Janice's more twisted lies

"In actuality, homosexual unions have a very short lifespan; many of the same-sex "marriages" in Massachusetts are already being dissolved. Further, the health risks associated with homosexual practice are very real and very much in evidence in the emergency rooms of hospitals. There is no denying: Homosexual sex is dangerous and destructive to the human body. Both HIV and HPV are epidemic among homosexual men. Domestic violence is a common problem -- twice as prevalent among homosexual couples as in heterosexual ones. CWA’s Janice Crouse crams a bunch of anti-gay lies in one statement

Janice suffers from the horrible malady known as "Potty Panic"

And, today, it is becoming perfectly normal for "transgender" students to pop in and out of whichever bathroom they want to use. And, he (Obama) got in the obligatory bow to the homosexual activists: urging the students to work to "secure our God–given rights . . . regardless . . . of who [sic] they love" and included "gay rights" among the great causes for which people have fought.

Rob Tisinai

I’ve written about anti-gay activist Janice Shaw Crouse in the past. More than once, in fact. Her arguments tend to be so off-the-mark, it’s hard to decide whether she’s deliberately dishonest or just heroically incompetent. Is Janice Shaw Crouse Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Right Wing Watch

Last year, a twenty-five year study following children born to lesbian parents published in Pediatrics confirmed “[p]revious studies [which] have found no significant differences in psychological health between children reared by lesbian or heterosexual parents” and even found that “the children of lesbian mothers were rated significantly higher in social, school/academic, and total competence. They were rated significantly lower in social problems, rule breaking, and aggressive problems.” But Crouse doesn’t let actual research come in the way of her zealous opposition to gay equality

Janice Shaw Crouse of Concerned Women for America knows the real reason why young voters are more likely to favor marriage equality and vote for Democratic candidates like President Obama, and it’s apparently because they’re just not smart enough to know better. Youth Support For Gay Rights Shows Their 'Ignorance'

Crouse: Gay Marriage Is Ruining America Because Only Straight Married Families Volunteer in Hospitals Crouse added that she was appalled that “too many” conservatives “are unwilling to die” for the anti-gay cause, and have instead become “complacent” and decided to “live and let live”