“The most informed, perceptive, and effective defender of creating hate and fear in the United States.”

“Has a huge impact around the world in wrapping bigotry and fanaticism in Christian Sharia Law.”

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Brian Brown Our new President

Let us see if he can bring the same level of colossal failure to the World Congress of Families, that he bestowed upon the National Organization for Marriage.

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We unite and empower anti-lgbt, anti-women and anti-human leaders worldwide with over 40 odious and bitter partner organizations and a reach of over 50 million unhinged and fanatic people.


We defend:
  • The natural family, based on our definitions that are rooted in our confused and twisted misinterpretations of ancient bronze age superstition and mythology. We promote our version of the “foundation of society" which is based upon principles and ideaology from the dark ages. We long for the days of the Spanish Inquisitions and the Christian Conquests of Europe.
  • Children’s need for a mother and a father in a functional, loving family, and their right to “to develop physically, mentally, morally, spiritually and morally. Even those born into poverty, drug addiction, and abusive families; as long as they have a mother and a father. Those who are subjected to ritualistic and ecclesiastic sex abuse by good Catholic Priests and Mormon Elders are far better off with a mother and father than they would be with those filthy homosexuals. The tens of thousands of homeless teens in just the United States alone, proves how precious a home with a mother and father can be.
  • The sanctity and dignity only as we define it, of human life from conception to natural death.
  • Religious freedom or Christian Sharia Law. We must be free to force our antediluvian convictions upon all of society and force everyone to live by our maniacal and unbalanced delusions. There is no room in our society for anyone who embraces refinement, enlightenment or progression or to live beyond the 1950’s, where we should all exist


Our work includes:
  • World Congress of Families events (and related regional conferences), the world’s largest and most influential gatherings of of anti-lgbt, anti-women and anti-human hate groups and their bitter leaders.
  • The Family in America, our acclaimed academic journal, and related news service.
  • Partnership program and related newsletter and leadership memos.
  • United Nations work with ambassadors and delegates to defend our revolting objectives.
  • Research and publications, including declarations, articles, speeches, and books pertaining to our malicious messages.

World Congress of Families Project

Our flagship project, the World Congress of Families, has gathered and inspired pro-family leaders from around the globe for two decades.

"The World Congress is doing the most important work in the world, protecting our perverted idea of God’s plan for humanity through the most important institution of society," said a prominent leader, whom we won't name. One of our major opponents (SIECUS), an organization that promotes the truth and the facts about Human Sexuality, called the World Congress “arguably the most prominent international meeting of opposition forces” in the world and we are proud of the fact that other organizations recognize the threat and the danger that we are to society.

The World Congress of Families is a network; it really represents a global coalition of conservative religious orthodoxies. It involves some conservative Muslims, conservative Jews, and a variety of other faiths. Its purpose is to advance its agenda by networking and developing a shared agenda among multiple organizations in the United States and abroad. They’re working with insiders, networking the power brokers to achieve their goals in order to be able to influence the passage of legislation, and that’s what they’ve been so effective at. Their public policy passed by Putin in Russia is considered a victory by the World Congress of Families and its member organizations. (Tarso Ramos - Political Research Associates)
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World Congress of Families IX

“This Congress fielded some of the world’s leading anti-lgbt hate groups and advocates for violence and hate, during four days of strategic networking and presentations that re-energized the global anti-lgbt movement. It was the best Congress so far and signals a resurgence in the global battle for the promotion of hate and war against this population.

See entire program or highlights below:

Rev. Rafael Cruz

God Wants Gay Rights Activists 'Destroyed'

Peter Sprigg one of our favorite homophobes

Okay To Be 'Insulting And Degrading' To LGBT People

World Congress of Families

News and Views

Howard Center Commentary


The Orlando Florida massacre was not about religion, it was not about attacks on US soil by extremists. This was about good old homespun hate and homophobia that comes from the lies and the deceit that we and our partners spread like honey everywhere we go. This event shows just how harmful and toxic our messages can be to those who are most vulnerable. We pride ourselves on the crippling ramifications of the hate speech and the disastrous consequences of our work. 50 people dead and 50 injured, we celebrate this victory to show the world that the LGBTQ community are worthy of destruction and there is no place for them in our society. We would gratefully like to acknowledge our partners in this, those who continue to spread the fear, the hate and the lies about those filthy homosexuals.

  • The Alliance Defending Freedom
  • Family Research Council
  • The National Organization for Marriage
  • The American Family Association
  • Family Watch International
  • Concerned Women for America
  • Americans For The Truth About Homosexuality
  • Focus on The Family
  • Scott Lively
  • Family Research Intitute
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  • Liberty Council
  • And yes, even The Westboro Baptist Church
  • Thank you friends for your unrelenting efforts and your rigorous work in spreading the hate.

    President George W. Bush Sends Greetings to World Congress of Families X

    May, 13 2016

    The worst president in the history of the United States.

    Below you can find all the reasons that George Bush deserves the title of Worst President in US History. I encourage you to do your own research and verify the facts stated in this article.

    • Worst rate of job creation since Herbert Hoover.
    • Turned a $200 billion budget surplus into a $1 trillion deficit.
    • Violated US constitution with illegal wiretaps.
    • More days spent vacationing that any other US President.
    • Ignored devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.
    • Gutted environmental protections, including the Clean Air Act.
    • Bush ignored repeated warnings about imminent terrorist attacks in the months before 9/11.
    • Bush used false information to justify going to war with Iraq, leading us into the longest conflicts in our nation's history.
    • Bush gave us the worst econonmic collapse since the Great Depression and spent $1 trillion bailing out the ones who caused it.
    • Bush turned a budget surplus into the largest deficit in US History.
    • Bush pludered Social Security, breaking a campaign promise.
    • Bush Failed to Protect New Yorkers from Toxins After the 9/11 WTC Collapse.
    • Bush and Cheney allowed war profiteers like Halliburton to make billions on the war.
    • Bush Frequently Violated the U.S. Constitution.
    • The Verdict is in: Guess Who's The Worst President in US History?

      Come join us in beautiful Tbilisi.

      World Congress of Families X, Tbilisi
      May 15-18 - Information and Registration

      Georgia: Gathering Pits LGBT Community Against 'Pro-Family,' Anti-Gay Supporters

      World Congress Of Families Timed To Commemorate Anti-Gay Riot In Georgia

      The convention, timed to coincide with the day of a violent 2013 mob attack on an anti-homophobia rally in Tbilisi, will be hosted by a Levan Vasadze, a dagger-sporting homophobic knight dressed in Georgian national attire. Vasadze participated and is alleged to have helped organize the 2013 attack that relegated Georgia’s nascent LGBTQ-rights movement to the periphery of national discourse.

      It’s not a coincidence that WCF will be in Georgia on that day, May 17, or that Georgian Orthodox leaders picked the anti-homophobia day to commemorate “family strength.” As Tbilisi-based journalist Giorgi Lomsadze noted in EurasiaNet.org yesterday, the renaming of the anti-homophobia day and the timing of WCF coincide with the anniversary a violent attack on LGBT-rights protesters three years ago:

      “Before the van arrived, about ten girls—gay rights activists—were being taunted by a growing, frothing mob. A stone was thrown and split a girl’s head open.… This mob was the creation of the Georgian Orthodox Church and the Georgian government has so far been gutless in standing up to the Church to protect the rights of its citizens. Shame on you, Georgia. Shame on you,” Paul Rimple, a Tbilisi-based journalist, posted on his Facebook page. He later wrote about it for the Moscow Times.


      As it descends upon Georgia, the World Congress of Families, wittingly or not, might be helping a Russian foreign policy agenda in the region. Fanning the flames of homophobia has long been Moscow’s soft-power way to urge its former Soviet satellites, including Georgia, to distance themselves from the West. Before Georgia signed an Association Agreement with the EU in 2014, the Russian propaganda machine was put into gear, describing the landmark treaty as essentially Georgia’s gay marriage with Europe. Brussels had to issue public assurances that the treaty, meant for political and economic harmonization, does not contain any fine print requiring Georgia to allow same-sex marriages.

      Georgian feminists rally against the conservative Christian conference

      It was important for us to make a statement against this event, because it’s against rights and freedoms that every human must have. This group [WFC] tries to present their values as something natural and good. We think that in many ways, these values are inhuman. We want to show that although we’re a small group, there are still some people in Georgia who are against making claims to what a “natural family” means’, Ia Bakhtadze from the Independent Group of Feminists told DF Watch.

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      World Congress of Families: Making a Difference! If the only thing you knew about Winston Churchill is that the very mention of his name infuriated Hitler, you could thereby deduce that Churchill somehow stood between the Nazi tyrant and his megalomaniac ambition. Likewise, if the only thing you knew about the World Congress of Families is that our most recent Congress was listed by Planned Parenthood as its third worst moment of 2015. Although all of our claims about this organization have been widely discredited, and our accusations fall apart on closer examination, we will continue our relentless attacks on Planned Parenthood an organization that's tissue donation programs help support lifsaving scientific research. .

      A Time to Act. Mississippi Just Did. On April 5, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed into law the Protecting Freedom of Discrimination from Government Discrimination Act…Freedom of conscience should permit anyone to discriminate against any citizen of the United States except for Christians. Christian superiority is above all else and we will continue to promote malicious and anti-social, anti-human, sociopathic behavior like the knuckle dragging mouth breathers in Mississippi have why? Because we relate to their mentality and we know life as bottom feeders because we also exist on the lowest rung on the ladder of humanity. UPDATE, This hateful law has been Struck Down by the U.S. District Court, because it openly discriminates against good and decent American citizens. Religious freedom was one of the building blocks of this great nation, and after the nation was torn apart, the guarantee of equal protection under law was used to stitch it back together. But HB 1523 does not honor that tradition of religion freedom, nor does it respect the equal dignity of all of Mississippi’s citizens. It is hereby ordered that the defendants; their officers, agents, servants, employees, and attorneys; and any other persons who are in active concert or participation with the defendants or their officers, agents, servants, employees, or attorneys; are hereby preliminarily enjoined from enacting or enforcing HB 1523.

      Natural Family News & Research

      Marriage Better than Therapy. A study at Ohio State shows that marriage offers even greater psychological advantages to depressed men and women than it does to their mentally healthy peers. The researchers conjecture that marriage may give a depressed person the sense that he or she matters to a spouse and to new social ties.
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      Just when you thought bigotry and racism in our country had reached their peek, Allow us to present our very own Don Feder who introduces a whole new spin on white supremecy and unapologetic racism.
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      The Family in America: A Journal of Public Policy

      What does Russia have to do with The Family in America?

      World Congress of Families Spokesman: 'Russia Is The Hope For the World Right Now'
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      From Russia to Nigeria to Australia a seemingly innocuous definition of the “natural family” is quietly being used as the basis of new laws to justify the criminalization of abortion and LGBTQ people. Pushing this definition is the World Congress of Families, a network of conservative religious leaders from a variety of faiths— and their high-level government friends.
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      The World Congress of Families' Russian Network Here are some of the biggest players helping to spread anti-gay sentiment in Russia.
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      Effects of Marriage on Society. Marriage is the foundational relationship of strong societies. Within a family formed from an intact marriage, the child better learns to value and perform the fundamental tasks every competent adult must master— the tasks of the fundamental institutions needed in every functional society.
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      Effects of Religious Practice on Society.
      PT 1.

      • September 11, 2001
      • Untold numbers of child sexual abuse from priests in the Catholic Church
      • Decades of ritualistic and systemic child sex abuse within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
      • The Westboro Baptist Church.
      • Alarming rates of LGBT youth suicide .
      • Vilification of homosexuality resulting in discrimination, parents disowning their children, murder and suicide.

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      From Our Partner Hategroups

      Same-Sex Marriage? National Organization for Marriage
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      Parental Vigilance, Not Political Activism, by Erin Weist on United Families International
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      Kindred Spirits: How one family is relying on faith and each other in the face of government persecution,
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      Secretary General Backdoors Abortion, LGBT Rights into UN Humanitarian Goals, by Susan Yoshihara of C-Fam
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      The War on Children: Family Watch International

      Young people are most vulnerable and the most injured by our work. Because of our hateful and despicable rhetoric, we drive wedges into families and tear them apart. We convince people to throw their LGBT kids out and we promote the very causes of young LGBT youth suicide. Our declamations are designed to stifle conversation and to withhold love and acceptance. We promote bullying and intimidation toward young people who seek simple understanding and acceptance

    Allan C. Carlson
    President Emeritus

    The Natural Family in an Unnatural World

    Janice Shaw Crouse
    Appalled Board Member

    Crouse added that she was appalled that “too many” conservatives “are unwilling to die” for the anti-gay cause, and have instead become “complacent” and decided to “live and let live”

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    Dallin H. Oaks
    Honorary Board Member

    Preserving Religious Freedom

    One of Mormonusm's top (and arguably most malevolent) hierarchal henchmen, Dallin H. Oaks--in a fresh warning to a youthfully malleable, blindly obedient, humbly assembled herd of student sheep at Idaho's extension of Brigham Young University--sought to liken stiff opposition to the Mormon Church’s recent political campaign of subterfuge against equal rights for gays to the ugly racist opposition encountered by African-Americans during the U.S. civil rights movement of the 1960s. Read more

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    family, faith and freedom!

    Read our acclaimed journal.

    A Journal of Public Policy

    "Our children, our race, and our Nation have no future unless we unite and organize White Christian Patriots. Join The Ku Klux Klan The media, government propagandists and their ilk (splc,adl, and all their demonic supporters ) will try their best to convince you the KKK is no longer relevant. If this were so they would not devote so much time to trying to demonize it and mischaracterize it's sublime Truths."

    Sign the declaration.

    “Sex was created by God for procreational purposes and as a demonstration of love between a husband and his same-race wife. Therefore, any sexual act is solely intended to occur in a healthy same-race marriage between husband and wife in purity and holiness. In stark contrast, masturbation is selfish self-stimulation without the presence of a same-race spouse or assigned sexual chaperone." Read more

    Learn about the natural family.

    “Demands the attention of all those who would defend civilization’s most basic institution.”
    Albert Mohler, Jr.  

    Explore the MARRI database.

    Powerful online social science encyclopedia on all matters related to family, marriage, religion, and sexuality. A joint project of MARRI and the World Congress of Families.

    Peruse Allan’s latest writings.

    “A brilliant history and analysis of the most important building blocks of civilization: marriage and the family.”
    J. R. Edwards, Choice

    See also Amazon author page and Touchstone articles.

    Distorted Love: The Toll of Our Christian Theology on the LGBT Community

    Pastor John Pavlovitz

    Love doesn’t always look like love.

    When I published this blog post two weeks ago, I was prepared for some people to applaud it, and for others to condemn it. That’s what happens whenever you put an opinion out there.

    I was fully prepared for the waves of both support and hostility that accompany any vantage point on anything, especially a controversial topic like sexuality.

    What I was not prepared for in any way were the literally hundreds and hundreds of people who have reached out to me personally to thank me for bringing some healing and hope to their families. Parents, children, siblings, and adults have confided in me (some for the first time anywhere), telling of the pain, and bullying, and shunning they’re received from churches, pastors, and church members — from professed followers of Jesus.

    Scores of people from all over the world have shared with me their devastating stories of exclusion and isolation, of unanswered prayers to change, of destructive conversion therapies, of repeated suicide attempts, and of being actively and passively driven from faith by people of faith.

    Church, this is the reality of our theology on homosexuality.

    This is the cost of our religion to the LGBT community. More accurately, it’s the cost of our religion to LGBT human beings. This is the painful collateral damage that comes when we see principles and ignore people; when we refuse to give them the dignity they deserve.

    Apparently love does hurt — really, really badly.

    The most common defense I’ve heard over the past 14 days from Christians who believe that being gay is both chosen and sinful has been some variation of the supposedly well-meaning “Well, we’re just loving people by being honest with them by giving them the truth. Telling people the truth is loving them.”


    The truth?

    Are you sure you want the truth?

    (I so want to quote Jack Nicholson right now).

    I have a crammed, bursting inbox of “truth” for you if you’re interested in reading, Church.

    It’s full of vile profanity, and utter contempt, and crude jokes, and physical violence, and white-hot fear. It’s packed with school-hallway harassment, and city-street beatdowns, and church shunning, and workplace hazing, and brutal self-harm, and all sorts of perpetual, personal terrorism.

    And none of it looks a thing like love to me.

    It certainly doesn’t look like love to the sweet, 12-year-old middle-school girl in your church who’s been told repeatedly that she’s an abomination, that God already despises her.

    It doesn’t look like love to the devastated parents who have watched their son hang himself because he was assured by his Christian schoolmates that he’s better dead than gay.

    It doesn’t look like love to the devoted, faithful Christian schoolteacher who has lost her life-long career for no other reason than her relationship status.

    It doesn’t look like love to the 60-year-old Christian man who has prayed his whole life to be “fixed” though God has refused to, yet he is still an outcast in his family of faith.

    It doesn’t look like love to the gay couple having their heads smashed in by professed “Christian” strangers while walking down the street.

    It doesn’t look like love to the family of a transgender high-school junior who can’t find a church family that will welcome them or include them or acknowledge them.

    And I’m totally comfortable believing that it doesn’t look like love to Jesus either.

    The real problem with so much Christian theology toward the LGBT community is that it seemingly works fine from a distance, for someone firing off scripture passages or religious phrases; it just often falls apart for them when trying to translate it to actual human lives and within authentic, caring relationships.

    When you have the guts and the decency and the compassion to crawl out from behind computer keyboards and plasma screens, from radio-show phone calls and bullhorn shouting, you end up standing face-to-face with beautiful, wounded, scarred people with real stories, and you realize something’s wrong here.

    Something’s badly broken.

    This is not what Christ’s love looks like.

    Jesus’ love, even if it came with hard words, somehow always seemed and felt like love. People were seen. They were heard. They were touched. They were left with more dignity than when they started. I’m not sure LGBT people can say the same about their encounters with most Christians.

    Can they say it about you?

    So many believers want to make this all about sin, about the theology regarding homosexuality that they’re claiming to be defending, but it really isn’t. Regardless of where you stand theologically as a Christian, this is about treating all people like they are made by God and in the image of God.

    Jesus’ command to love God and love others as we would desire to be loved — that is theology too. In fact, He said it was the greatest portion of it, our most pressing personal moral responsibility. You wanna argue against that? Argue with Jesus.

    Church, the blood and the bruises of the LGBT community are on your hands and mine as believers, as long we allow any Christian to dehumanize them in the name of loving them.

    However we want to frame it or justify it, the net result of our religion to so many gay people is that entire families are being torn apart, sent to the shadows, and horribly mistreated in the name of Jesus. Real flesh-and-blood people are going through uninvited, individual Hell every day at the hands of people who claim Christ. The church’s treatment of the LGBT community people has been downright sinful, and it’s killing our testimony to the world.

    We’re making it virtually impossible for gay people to exist in our churches, and then feeling justified in damning them for walking away from God when they leave. The truth is that so often they aren’t turning away from God; they’re just removing themselves from harm’s way.

    We are losing credibility to those outside organized Christianity, not because we’re “condoning sin” but because when the rubber meets the road, we really don’t know how to “love the sinner” in any way that remotely resembles Jesus, and our “God is love” platitudes ring hollow.

    Church, this is our legacy that we are building in these days to the LGBT community and those who love them, and I assure you it’s not a legacy of love.

    I don’t know what the answer is for you, and I can’t tell you how your theology gets expressed in the trenches of real people’s lives. I only know that we as Christ’s church can do better, regardless of our theological stance. We have to do better.

    This is where our faith is proven to be made of Jesus-stuff or not.

    This is where the love of God we like to preach about is either clearly seen or terribly distorted.

    John Pavlovitz